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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

From personal journeys, seeing results from our products is a process. We will never promise you that results happen overnight, because that would not be accurate. Results vary per person, some may see results within 2 weeks and for others, it might take 2 months and more. Galette Skin is confident you will see improvements in your skin if you use the products correctly daily for at least 90 days.

In the very rare event that you don't see any results, here are the steps to follow to validate and claim your money back for the products you purchased.

Step 1: Please take a before (no filter) picture before you start using the products so that you can have something to compare your progress to.

Make sure you email your before picture to customercare@galetteskin.com within 3 days of delivering your products. Please ensure to do this so that Galette Skin can withhold our end of your money back claim. Without this important step, the money back claim is invalid as we have to compare.

Step 2: Follow our step by step guide on how to each product under the product page. For your convenience here are the direct links - 
Cleanser ; Toner ; Serum ; Moisturizer Follow the "how to use" process for a minimum of 90 days. Remember Galette Skin strives to accomplish results without the use of strong chemicals, please complete the usage for 90 days. 

Step 3: After 90 days of using our products, if you don't see any improvements in your skin then take another no filter picture and email it to customercare@galetteskin.com, making sure the lighting and positioning is the same as your before picture.We will contact you back within 48-72 business hours after confirming the photos have been received.